Configuration for Linux


Currently there is no Native Linux (Ubuntu) app, however, Perimeter 81 can be configured manually. For instructions on manual configuration please follow the instructions below:


1. Install the OpenVPN Manager

a. Start a Terminal session

b. Install the OpenVPN Manager by entering the following command:

sudo apt-get install -y network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the Network Manager by entering the following command:
sudo service network-manager restart
sudo wget /etc/openvpn/

2. Create a Connection

  • Expand the System menu, click on Network Connections -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN...
  • Click on the VPN tab
  • Click on the Add button
  • For the Connection Type select OpenVPN
  • Click Create

3. Configure the Connection

  • Specify the Connection name as "Location Name" (or another indicative name)
  • Per your needs, type one of the following Perimeter 81 location hostnames in the Gateway field.
    ** Your company manager can retrieve the hostname (DNS) within the manager console under the Network Public Locations / Locations tabs.
  • Choose Password as the Type
  • Enter your Manual VPN Keys as your Username and Password in the matching fields.
    ** Please note. Only your company manager can issue manual VPN keys through the cloud management console: as instructed here: How to create Manual VPN Keys
  • For the CA Certificate browse and select /etc/openvpn/
    Under Advanced -> Security -> Cipher select AES-256-CBC*
  • Click the OK, and then Apply
  • Open the OpenVPN advanced option and Make Sure the LZO Compression is disabled. (Note: due to a bug on the Linux OpenVPN, please select and de-select the LZO Compression)
  • Close the Network Manager applet
  • Make sure to restart the Network Manager (can be done in terminal by using "sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart")

4. Connecting to Perimeter 81 (Previously SaferVPN)

  • Click on the Network Manager icon on the top right hand of your screen
  • Point to VPN Connections, and then select the VPN configuration that you've just created, to start the connection process
  • During the connection establishment process, the network icon will blink for about 3-10 seconds
  • Once you are connected to Perimeter 81, you will notice a lock badge on the network icon
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