HIPAA Compliance with Perimeter 81


Information Protection

HIPAA compliance encompasses limitations on uses and disclosures of such information, safeguards against inappropriate uses and disclosures, and individuals’ rights with respect to their health information. Perimeter 81 offers two-factor authentication via SMS/push notifications, Google Authenticator, and Duo Security.

Integrity Controls

HIPAA compliance requires that covered entities must implement policies and procedures to ensure that ePHI is not improperly altered or destroyed. VPNs use authentication to confirm whether data has been accessed or tampered with, providing straightforward integrity control. Using pre-shared keys, a VPN can identify, authenticate, and authorize user access.

Access Control

A covered entity must implement centrally-controlled unique credentials for each user. A VPN that offers a centralized cloud management platform allows organizations to create customized user access to sensitive data. That includes cloud environments, SaaS services, sandbox and production environments, and more.

Network Security

To protect against unauthorized public access to ePHI, authorized users must encrypt all data that is sent beyond an internal firewalled server. Using a VPN, data passing over any network is secured with advanced encryption. This creates a virtual tunnel so data can’t be intercepted by snoopers, hackers, or third parties.

For full details, please go to: https://www.perimeter81.com/regulatory-compliance/hipaa or contact support@perimeter81.com


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