Managing Roles
  • Updated on 02 Jul 2020
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Managing Roles

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This article describes how to use the Management Platform to assign different Members with different Roles.

  • Roles
  • Assigning a role
  • Breakdown of roles and permissions


  • Admin: Admins can modify permission settings and assign roles to other team members.
  • Manager: A member can manage Networks, Applications, Members, Groups, and monitor network activity.
  • Billing: Billing administrators can adjust billing information, view invoices, and update payment methods.
  • User: A User can access the apps and download screen.

Assigning a role

  1. To modify User Roles as an administrator select Team in the Management Platform on the left side.
  2. Select the Members tab under Team.
  3. Select the three-dotted menu (...) next to a team member's name to change the role.
  4. Select Change Role in the drop-down list.
  5. A window will appear with the different available roles. Select the desired role for your team member and select Apply.
    user role

Note: If an admin will no longer be a portal administrator, a new manager must be selected to be the administrator. Managers cannot assign themselves as admins.

Breakdown of roles and permissions

RoleManage LicensesManage MembersManage NetworksManage ConfigurationView ActivitiesManage Billing